Yu's blog: Spelling bee final WFU

2017年12月6日 星期三

Spelling bee final

Today, it is our spelling bee final competition. I am so excited, because my mom and dad think I can do it. If I am not good I will feel sad. First, we finished the class, and then we went to Chinese class, because we need to write homework.

After that we went to eat dinner, I think the dinner is yummy, and then we need to go spelling bee final competition. First, it comes the starters, and then it is level one, after level one, it is level three, if level three is finished, we go home.

Starters are one girl and one boy. The boy is the winner. And then it is level one, there are six people, but I am the winner, and then level three, my sister is the winner.

We are good, because we can compete to part three. I am happy, because I and my sister are number one. And we got many thing, we got chocolate and we got certificate, I think these are very good, next time I will be very good.

So next time I will practice many times, if I am wrong, I will correct it, and maybe I can be number one again.

I think today is scared, because I don't want to be wrong. If I got wrong, I can't be number one. And maybe I will get bad score.