2019年1月16日 星期三

《科學實驗王:2. 牛頓運動定律》學習單 / Yu

嗨! 大家好,我叫 Yu,我今天完成了一張學習單,是爸爸出的,我很開心,也很有成就感,因為總共有五題,我覺得很多,當我完成的時候,我覺得已經結束了,但是還沒。


2019年1月15日 星期二

Minecraft: Surviving in Minecraft World 2

Hi, everyone! My name is Yu, and today I will tell you what happened in Minecraft today. There are lots of interesting things like killing Zombies. I think that is pretty scary. Every time I see Zombies. I feel bad. I really don't want to be dead. I think monsters are scary. Lots of people die in Survival mode because of monsters. Sometimes it's because you fall from a high place or you try to swim in the lava.

I want to tell you that monsters are easy to kill, but I think they are scary. Now I have a helmet, a chestplate, a legging, and a boot made of iron. I think I can try to defeat a Zombie in the water again. I think I will do it tomorrow. I will try to attack them. If there are more than one Zombie. Then I will not do it. I will only kill one Zombie each time. I will try to find diamonds or villages. I can steal some seeds. I can trade things with iron. I can't find emerald.

I think today I felt happy because today I played Minecraft in Survival mode. I think that is pretty fun. I can know how dangerous is this world if my difficulty is not peaceful. Lots of monsters. I need to be brave, but I still need to know monsters can kill me. I need to be careful. If you think my video is good. Remember to give it a like. If you want to know what I am going to do, please subscribe me. That is it. See you in next blog. Goodbye!

2019年1月14日 星期一

Minecraft: Playing Survival Mode

Today I want to tell everybody about that today I played Survival Mode in Minecraft. I think that is pretty fun. Everybody will just think it is a normal game, but when you play Survival mode. You will think this game is scary. When I saw the baby Zombie biting me. I screamed because I don't want to be dead. You can play it. You will know how scary it is. I think it is pretty fun.

I think looking at Zombies are scary. I think that is scarier than having a bad score. You can watch my video. If I died in Survival mode. I will cry. I will think I am funny. I need to know where did I died. Then I need to collect all of the things that I've earned last time. I think that is not a thing that will let people feel happy. I think everybody, including me, will just play again.

I think today I felt happy because today I played Survival mode in Minecraft. I think that is pretty cool. I want to have lots of this kind of video. I will have lots of video using Survival mode. That will be cool.

Do you think playing with Survival mode is fun? Do you want me to keep recording in Survival mode? Remember to subscribe me. See you in next blog. Goodbye!

2019年1月13日 星期日

Minecraft: Zombie tower!

Today I want to tell everybody about that today I made a Zombie tower. Maybe you guys don't know what it is because before I make this tower, I don't know what is Zombie tower also. You can guess. I will tell you the answer right now. It is the tower that you can get Rotten Flesh. When you climb up the ladder. You can go inside the hole. The Zombies will spawn there. You need to be careful in Survival mode or you will be dead. You can go down after You spawned the Zombies.

I think it is pretty good. I think no one will want the Rotten Flesh, but sometimes the Zombies will have some armors.The armors that are on my body are from the tower. Now you know how important the tower is. It can give you weapons. The only thing that is dangerous is when you are going to spawn Zombie. Maybe the Zombie will just kill you. I think that is possible. You need to have a good diamond sword. There is another thing that is dangerous. It is when you are climbing down the ladder. Don't fall down!

I think today I felt happy because today I built a very cool tower called Zombie tower. I think it is pretty good. I want to have lots of good armors. See you in next video. Remember to subscribe me. Goodbye!

2019年1月12日 星期六

Minecraft: Witches VS Vindicators!

Today I want to tell everybody about the story of Witch VS Vindicator. Let's listen to the wonderful story.

One night, Nick is not at the Happy Village. When the monsters know that, they are super happy because the only thing that can protect villagers is Nick. Lots of monsters like Witches or Vindicators. They all want villagers.

When these two monsters come to the village. They all want to eat villagers. They don't want other to have villagers to eat. They fought. They want to hit each other. Do you know who will win?

The Vindicators used the axes to hit the Witches. The Witches just laughed. The Witches also threw the potion to the Vindicators. The battle becomes very cool. Nobody knows who will win.

The Vindicators killed lots of Witches. The Witches just laughed and laughed. Everyone doesn't know why. After a few hours, Vindicators won. Now Nick already came back. Who will win this time?

I think today I felt happy because today I told a story. I think the story is pretty good. Maybe you can say 'tell a story' in the bottom of the blog. See you in next blog. Goodbye!

2019年1月11日 星期五

Minecraft: Skeleton VS Iron Golem

Today I want to tell everybody about that today I made a place where the animals fight. Skeletons are the bad guys. The Iron Golem wants to protect us. Then the battle starts. I think this story is good. I don't know how to say the story in the video. I can only say it to you right now. The Iron Golem is very strong. They can defeat all of the monsters. The Iron Golem is called Nick. Nick have some friends. They also helped Nick. Let's see who wins!

First, Skeletons are in the left cage. Iron Golems are in the right cage. When the doors opened. Nick said,"Let's attack!". Every Iron Golem rushes to the battlefield. They threw the Skeletons and hit them. The Skeletons tried to use Bows to hit Iron Golems. Nick called,"We almost win!". Every Iron Golem was happy. They are more powerful. They kick and hit. The Skeletons are weak. Nick is strong, so he threw them on the top of the wall of the battlefield.

I think today I felt happy because today I made a very cool battlefield. I summoned Skeletons and Iron Golems. I also told a story. I think the story is good. If you love my battlefield. Please subscribe me. See you in next blog. Goodbye!

2019年1月10日 星期四

Minecraft: Super TNT cannon!

Today I made a very cool Super TNT cannon. I think that is very cool. There are infinity fireballs. You just need a command block in each cannon. I think the cannon is good. I can put it on the Fort Zeelandia. I think it should be a really cool thing. Lots of fireballs will just shoot from the top of the castle. I can make lots of cannon. Then no one can come. They will be dead.

I am trying to make lots of cannons. I want to use the cannon to protect my house. If I have good Redstone. Maybe I can use Tripwire Hook to make a trap. When the thief wants to take my things when I am sleeping. I can put the Tripwire Hook in front of my door. No! I just use Iron Door and then put the Pressure Plate. It is too easy!

I want to use this to kill monsters like zombies. You need to do it at night. I think killing monsters are really fun. I will never kill animals again.

I think today I felt happy because today I made a super cannon. I think that is the coolest cannon I've seen. Do you want to see other cool things. What do you want to see? See you in next blog. Goodbye!