2019年9月8日 星期日

A robot cleaning the floor

Hi, everybody. My name is Yu and today I want to tell everybody that today I recorded a video about using a robot to clean the floor. Do you know that I actually use another Ev3 brick to control the car? That is hard to believe. It is not using IR to control.

Let me tell you how to do that. It is not so hard. It is only a few blocks.

First, you must have two programs in your project.

Then, you put these codes into your control brick. As you can see, the blue block has a GEOR. It is my brick. My brick's name is GEORGE. You must change it to your car's brick's name.

Last, you are going to put these codes into your car. Then you can try to finish them all!

I think today I felt happy because today I taught you how to use a brick to control a car. You can discover how to make it work because I just told you most of the parts. Can you figure out (Little hint: using download and connect two bricks together!). See you guys in the next blog. Goodbye!