2020年2月2日 星期日

Ring Fit Adventure is good

Hi, everybody. My name is Yu and today I want to tell everybody an amazing thing. Ring Fit Adventure is one of the best ways to be a sports expert because there are hundreds of posture in the game waiting for you to discover.

You need to try to defeat Dragon(the bad guy) but each time I defeated it, it just flied away and I couldn't catch it. Do you know who is the son of Dragon? He's Zilong! Zilong said he is the son of the Dragon. So we need to defeat Zilong as much as we can in MLBB.

Before this, I didn't like to exercise, but now I love exercising. I can play it for one hour a day. I think that it is very very fun. I highly recommend Ring Fit Adventure if you don't like to exercise.

I think today I felt happy because today I introduced a good game and that is fun. I recommend it to you. See you guys in the next blog. Bye Bye