2018年12月12日 星期三

Today we went to Dad's Speech

Today I want to tell everybody about that today we went to Nantou to listen to my Dad's speech. Do you know why? It is because his elementary school is in Nantou. I think it is a great school.

My Dad's speech is about learning and how to teach kids. I think my Dad is cute when he was a really small child. My Dad was really naughty. I don't want to be like my Dad. Now I will tell you the story.

My Dad was in that elementary school. In grade one, he is not a special student. The best score is 400. His score is always like 392. The top students are all the girls. They are like 399 or maybe 400, But the really cool thing is in grade two or more. My Dad just went in the better class and be really good. My Dad went to a really good junior high school. My Dad also went inside a good class.

My Dad went to Yang Ming University. Do you know why I think that is unfortunate? It is because My Dad almost went to the best university in Taiwan which is Taiwan University. Only 0.4 points.

I went to a really clean bathroom. There is a room that is special. When the door is open. You can see what is inside. The coolest thing is when you close the door. You can't see what is inside.

I also went to My Dad's classroom. The sink is 30 years old. I just washed my hand in that sink. The sink is old and not so clean, but the water inside is really good. I saw the old telephone. The telephone is big. You can't play game. You need to have lots of money to use that. I think that is a cool telephone.

I also see a table made of wood and a table made of aluminum. When it is winter, the table made of aluminum will be cold.

I think today I felt happy because today I went to my Dad's elementary school. I love the bathroom and telephone.