2019年7月30日 星期二

My poem: July

Hi, everybody. My name is Yu and today I am going to tell everybody about that today we worked at the office.

In the morning, we woke up early and we went to the office and worked. We worked whole day.

Today is Monday and today is not a holiday or something. In July, most of the days are not in Taichung. Most of them are in London or Japan. There is only 2 more days in July so that means there will only be 5 days in TAIWAN in July.

I created a poem and I hope you like it.


I love the trips, and eating chips.
I had a lot of fun but I didn't eat any bun.
We went to London
And watched Wimbledon.
We went to Japan
But we didn't buy any pan.

The end

This is my poem about this month. I love traveling around the world but I also really like our country TAIWAN.

Do you like the poem I made? I think I love it because all of the things in side is true.

I think today I felt happy because today is the second day in Taiwan and we can count how many days. I think it will be a hundreds of days. I will enjoy Taiwan. I love Taiwan. Go! TAIWAN! See you guys in the next blog. Bye bye!