2019年7月7日 星期日

Yu's diary 11: Politics

Hi! Everybody. My name is Yu, today I'm gonna tell everyone about that today Dad taught sister and I about politics using a real book called Politics for Beginners. And I think the book is really good. I recommend it to everyone who reads the blog.

In the morning, we woke up early and ate our breakfast because today we needed to take a train all the way to feed the pigeons.

There are lots of history about Henry VIII in Hampton Park Palace and I think Henry VIII is funny because he had six wives and the rate to survive is only 50% because three of the wives died.

When it is the lunch time, we went to the Café and ordered some meals. I drank a cup of hot chocolate and a piece of toast. I also ate lots of potato chips but it was not fries. It is like Pringles and that is really hard to find in UK so I think that's amazing.

We also fed the crows. They were really naughty and I don't know why. I don't think I did really scary thing. They think I will catch them but I'm not. So we decided to feed the ducks and the swans. They were really cute and eat everything we gave to them.

When we were home, Dad taught my sister and I about politics. This time we talked about how to argue and not being so rude and there are six tips but I can just tell you one tip. I hope you enjoy!

The tip that I can tell you is you need to be prepared to change your mind. When arguing, maybe you will change your mind. You don't need to keep going and keep arguing. You can change your mind if you want. Maybe next time you can change other people's mind.

I think today I felt happy because today we took the bus and we also fed the crows and swans. The last thing is my dad told my sister and I about arguing and I think the six tips are all good. Do you think the tip I just told you is good? Maybe you can buy the book. See you guys in the next blog, bye-bye!