2019年7月15日 星期一

Yu's London diary 19: Wimbledon

Hi, everybody. My name is Yu and today I am going to tell everybody about that today we stayed at hotel and watched Wimbledon. This match is really exciting. When Federer is going to win, Djokovic got points. When Djokovic is going to win, Federer got points, too. So this is why the match is over 5 hours.

In the morning, we ate our breakfast and ready to go to the City Hall. Dad said we can watch Wimbledon there, but when we went there, there are too many people so we went back to hotel. Fortunately, the housekeeping is done so we could go in.

We watched about 4 hours. Do you know what happened at last? The last set took more than 100 minutes, so I think that is amazing.

I think you know the rule of tennis but I want to tell you again so you can remember it. There are points, games and sets. When you get 40 points and you goal again, then you can get one game and if you get six games and your enemy just got less than four games or four, then you can get 1 set. If you get three sets, then you win.

The problem is if the games are six and six, who will get the set? No one will get a the set but everyone needs to get seven points. If it is seven and seven then everyone needs to get eight points. This match is really cool because they kept doing this again and again until they need to get 13 games because the judge can't let the match be so long so the judge said, 'If anyone gets 13 games, then that person is the champion!'

When they were fighting for the champion, Federer actually got lots of championship points but Djokovic didn't let him get the champion so Djokovic tried his best and fight until he won, so I want to be like Djokovic because he never gave up.

When we were watching the Wimbledon, I really thought that Federer would win but he didn't. He almost won but unfortunately Djokovic didn't give up so he won and everyone was surprised because Federer got more points than Djokovic before.

When we were eating our dinner, Dad said that when Federer got the championship point, everyone in the world thinks Federer will be the champion in 2019. The only one who still thinks Djokovic can win is himself. He thinks he can win even though Federer got the championship point.

The reporter asked a question to Federer: What do you want to say with this match? Federer said, 'I will try to forget this match.'

I think today I felt happy because today we watched Wimbledon at our hotel and I like this match because it was really exciting and this is the longest gentleman single Wimbledon in the whole Wimbledon history. See you guys in the next blog. Bye bye!